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JB motorcruiser Unelma

LOA :11,60 m 
Beam: 2,60 m
Displ.  4 ton
Motor: 200 hp

The JB motorcruiser Unelma, delivered in spring 2014, is a motor cruiser in classical style. She was built on special order. The hull design is based on drawings  from 1930 by CG Petterson, a very well known and highly esteemed Swedish designer of motor cruisers. The structures top of the deck, as well as the interiors were redesigned by Jan Backman in cooperation with, and according to the wishes of, the customer.

This type of elegant motor cruisers from the beginning of the last century are still quite common on the waters especially in Sweden, and these have also inspired and influenced   design and building of Unelma.

Motor cruisers from this time period have very efficient hulls that cut easily through the water, both at high and slow speeds. The boat doesn’t need a particularly strong motor to reach speeds of some 20 knots.

Unelma has been designed and fitted in order to allow two persons to voyage/cruise and live comfortabl on board for the whole summer season. In the prow there is pleasantly ample double bed. Next towards the stern, above the motor bed, is the elevated wheelhouse. The very light and comfortable salon includes  the pentry, toilets, and a sofa set that can be made into a guest bunk. Furthest astern is an open and spacious cockpit.

The mahogany hull is carvel built with glued planking. The keel and stem  are made of Iroko. The deck and all structures top of deck are built of plywood, coated with oregon pine and mahogany. The coating is vacuum glued onto the plywood.

All windows of the salon and the wheelhouse have bevelled glass panes. All special fittings  in stainless steel for the cruiser have been made by the customer, Tapio Rajahalme.

The owners of Unelma are Tapio and Margita Rajahalme, the boat lies in Jakobstad.