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Skärgårdsbåte' (Archipelago Sailer)

Archipelago sailer 17”
LOA: 5,00m
Depl: 0,5 ton
Sails area: 12 m²

Archipelago sailer21”
LOA: 6,40 m
Depl: 0,9 ton
Sails area: 20 m²

Jan Backman has designed two versions of the Archipelago sailer, one of 17 ” and one of 21”.

The design is inspired by archipelago boats from the Åland area. The smaller one is completely open, it sails well and is very seaworthy. The rig is simple and easily dismounted. A small outboard motor can be mounted on the transom.

The larger model is decked  with two cokpits. It is equipped with a small inboard diesel engine and a folding propeller. The 21 footer has a centerboard of stainless steel, that together with the weight of the engine gives the boat a very comfortable stability.

”Caramelle” (17”) one of 5 boats of this model, owned by Christer Tonberg in Jakobstad.
”Tove” (21”) is owned by Manu Korkman in Vasa, Finland.