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JB Daysailer 19"

LOA 5,9m 
Beam: 1,9m
Draught 1,10m
Sails area: 17 m²

The 19” Daysailer of Jakobstads Båtvarv is a daysailer equipped with a centerboard and an electrical engine. Its rig is a modern Gunther style rig with a ”Fat boy” main sail. Its centerboard and short, light mast makes it easily trailerable. This unit is equipped with a quiet and reliable electrical inboardengine. The entire engine kit including the 4,8 Kwh battery pack is strategically placed around the centerboard box. The adjustable centerboard is made of stainless sheet steel and it’s weight coupled with that of the engine and the battery pack gives the boat an excellent stability. The daysailer is designed for being able to sail single-handedly, while still being perfectly adapted for carrying the whole family. 
The boat is owned by Mikael Petterson and has its home harbour in Vasa, Finland.