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Ångslupen Matilda

LOA: 12 m
Depl: 5,5 ton
Engine: 2-cyl 12 hp steam engine (from 1912)

The steam boat Matilda is a brilliant example of how the dreamboat come true. Wilifred Leven only had the vision of a beautiful steam sloop with a large cockpit under a roof and a chimney puffing out black smoke to the sound of a whistle. A dignified beauty to glide along the the Mid- European channels in.

Jan Backman listened, and visualized  his customer´s wishes on the draughting board drawing inspiration from old photographs of steam vessels from the late 19th century.

Although the look is antique  the sloop was fitted out to meet the demands of our modern times with navigation technology, autopilot and such, all carefully hidden not to disturb the aestethic impression.

The engine  was brought from England where it had been  skillfully restored by Alex Ritchey.

The boat was ordered by Wilifred Leven, Germany. After he past away Matilda has found a home in Hamburg in the harbour of the Maritime Museum.