snipa vid båtvarvetJakobstads båtvarv (Jakobstad Boatyard) was founded in 1904 in the Old Harbour of Jakobstad. It is the oldest still active boatyard in Finland. Since 1985 Boatmaster Jan Backman is at the helm. He was the first in Finland to achieve the Diploma of Boatmaster 2005.

Under Jan Backman’s helmsmanship the name of the boatyard has continued to stand for high quality, as it has since the beginning. Jan Backman is recognized for his ambitious projects, practical and elegant design, as well as beautiful craftsmanship.

The logs are surveyed and sawed into planks at the yard. Mostly the hulls are built from this locally lumbered and sawed fir wood. During the last years most of the boats have been carvel built with glued planking. After completion the finished boats are thoroughly impregnated with linseed oil, then varnished inside and out. This minimizes the movements of the wood since it is first saturated with oil, which is sealed into the wood by the varnish. Jakobstads Boatyard has built boats with this technique for almost 30 years and has seen that the boats remain as good as new with just minimal maintenance every year. Jakobstads Båtvarv is one of the last wooden boat yards in Finland who can still offer the necessary skill and experience needed for building custom one off wooden boats.
Today´s hyped up efficiency and productivity thinking hasn´t intruded on life at the boatyard. The craft is given the time needed for soulful wooden beauties to be born.
An important part of the process is the contact and communication with the client, whose dream it is that is taking shape in this historical setting.

Jakobstads Båtvarv into tomorrow
A few years ago Jan Backman decided to build a new workshop opposite the old yard. A light, modern and spacious building stood ready in 2012. With 6 m to the ceiling and 200 m2 floor surface, there is now enough space to engage in many smaller, or one or two bigger projects.

Jan Backman doesn’t have any employees at the yard anymore, but he has carefully chosen a few skillful independent entrepreneurs he collaborates with. When a project so demands, forces are joined, otherwise each one occupies him/her self in a varied spectrum of craft work. Like this there is wide range of skills and knowledge available, in boatbuilding as well as in other related crafts.

Service and winter storage of boats are still part of the activity at the yard.

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