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The Haj

LOA 9,60m
LWL 6,60m
Beam 1,90m
Draught 1,10m
Depl. 1,70 t

The Haj is a one class yacht, designed in 1930, by the famous yacht constructor Gunnar L. Stenbäck. The sails-area of the Haj is small (21m2 + 35m2 spinnaker) which makes the yacht great for long-distance sailing as well as for racing. The "Haj" is a long and slender cruising yacht quite similar to the 22-square metre cruiser. The small draught makes going ashore easy and sailing in the archipelago a joy. The "Haj"-class is still actively competing and the Finnish Championships have been held every year since 1967. Today there are around 50 yachts left in Finland and since 1963 there is an active class federation where most of the yachts, their owners and their guests are registered.

"Haj"-yachts are still built and the class can be described as the only sailing race class, where there are only wooden boats competing.

Aquarell is owned by Mats Löfberg, Jakobstad